Welcome to my website.  I am a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor working in private practice in Rustington, near Littlehampton, West Sussex.  I currently work with individuals (over 18 years of age) and couples. I offer face to face sessions and also work online.

I understand that taking the first step to look for counselling can be daunting and confusing, particularly if this is not something that you have done before.  I hope to make the process a little easier for you.

Most of us, at some stage, experience problems, difficulties or life events which we struggle to overcome on our own.  I often hear people say that asking for help is a sign of weakness.  I believe that in fact the opposite is true and that to ask for help when you are struggling shows both strength and courage.

In counselling I can offer you a safe and confidential environment to think and talk about issues which are causing you difficulty.  Counselling is unique in that it is an opportunity to discuss things with someone impartial and non-judgmental who is not involved in your day to day life.

Everyone’s needs are different and there is no “one size fits all” approach to counselling.  Please get in touch so that we can talk about your particular needs and how we could work together.

Some things my clients say about our work together;

“Your calm, welcoming and friendly attitude helped me during the process. You created an atmosphere which was safe and reassuring”.

“Really kind and easy to talk to. Helped me to see things clearly and was really supportive. I feel so much calmer”.

“I’m amazed at how far I have come and so quickly. Being able to honestly open up and face some of the bad stuff head on has really helped me to move on. Thanks Shelley”.

“You have helped me grow as a person and be more at ease with myself”.

“It was easy to speak to you and to trust you. I didn’t have any expectations about the counselling. I just came to talk and ended up leaving a better person in a better headspace”.

“Great help with coping… would definitely recommend”.

“I have learned so much about myself. I would benefit from regular counselling. Everyone should do it!”

“I have really enjoyed my sessions and cannot believe how far I’ve come and how much has changed with your help”.